Richard Nicoll's East Hampton Pattent, 1666

Richard Nicolls, Esqr., Governor General under his Royall Highness, James, Duke of York and Albany, of all his territories in America.

To all to whom these presents shall come sendeth greeting, whereas, there is a certain town in Long Island, situate lying and being in the easternmost part of the said island commonly called and known by the name of East Hampton, now in the tenure or occupation of severall freeholders and inhabitants who having heretofore made lawfull purchase of the lands thereunto belonging have likewise manured and improved a considerable part thereof, and settled a competent number of familyes thereupon. Now for a confirmation unto the said freeholders and inhabitants in their enjoyment and possession of the premises; know ye, that by virtue of the commission and authority unto me given by his Royal Highness I have ratified, confirmed, granted and by these presents do ratify, confirm and grant unto Mr. John Mulford, Justice of the Peace, Mr. Thomas Parker, Thomas Chatfield, Jeremiah Conklyn, Stephen Hedges, Thomas Osborne, Senior, and John Osborne, as pattentees on behalf of themselves and their associates, the freeholders and inhabitants of the said town, their heirs, successors and assigns. All that tract of land which already hath been or that hereafter shall be purchased for and on the behalf of the said town, whether from the native Indians, proprietors or others within the bounds and limits hereafter set forth and expressed, viz. To say, their west bounds beginning from the east limits of the bounds of South Hampton as they are now laid out and staked according to agreement and concent, so as to stretch east to a certain pond commonly called Fort Pond, which lyes within the bounds of belonging to the Montauk Indians, and from thence to go on still east to the utmost extent of the island; on the north they are bounded by the bay, and on the south by the sea or main ocean. All which said tract of land within the bounds and limits before mentioned; and all or any plantation thereupon from hence forth, and to belong and appertain to the said town, and be within the jurisdiction thereof, together with all havens, harbors, creeks, quarries, woodlands, meadows, pastures, marches, waters, lakes , rivers, fishing, hawking, hunting and fowling; and all other profits, commodityes, emoluments and hereditaments to the said tract of land and premises within the limits and bounds aforementioned, described, belonging, or in anywise appertaining. To have and to hold, all and singular, the said lands, hereditaments and premises, with their and every part and parcel thereof to the said patentees and their associates, their heirs, successors and assigns forever. Moreover I do hereby ratify, confirm and grant unto the said patentees and their associates their heirs, successors and assigns all the privileges belonging to a town within this government. And that the place of their present habitation shall continue and retain the name of East Hampton, by which name and stile it shall be distinguished and known in all bargains and sales, deeds, records and writing. They, the said patentees and their associates, their heirs , successors and assigns, rendering and paying such duties and acknowledgments as now or hereafter shall be constituted and established by the laws of this government under the obedience of his Royall Highness, his heir and successors.

Given under my hand and seal, at Fort James, in New York, the 13th day of March, in the nineteenth year of his Majesties reign, A.D. 1666.

Richard Nicolls

Recorded by order of the Governor the day and year above written.

Matthias Nicolls, sec.

Entered into the record for the County of Suffolk, Folios 172, 173