About the MFOP correspondence.

Establishing the Montauk Friends of Olmsted Parks corporation as Montauk's trustee corporation touches every level of government and will profoundly impact Montauk affairs. There are issues of title, jurisdiction, governance, and of the protection and stewardship of Montauk's resources. What you will find in these pages is my most sincere effort to work with our public officials to settle these historic issues. Cyberspacing these dialogues will assist our mutual understanding of the issues raised.

Please know that I am acting strictly from a position of responsibility and duty. I neither seek nor assert ego and I make no deceit. I pursue each issue from the point of view of the corporation, a fictitious person under the law, and I am acting according to my best understanding of applicable law. My actions are explicitly to protect the rights and common good of the landowners and residents of Montauk. Where I err, the responsibility is solely mine (or the corporation's).

Enjoy your reading and feel free to send me an email.

Last Updated February 12, 1997 Bob Ficalora