Governing Documents

The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, America's first written constitution of democratic government. Adopted January 14th, 1639, as a confederation of townships. East Hampton joined in 1654 and remained a part until removed under protest to the colony of New York in 1666.

The East Hampton Pattent of 1686 establishing the Town of East Hampton was issued by Governor Thomas Dongan subsequent to the 1682 grievance and petition by the settlers demanding the birthright liberty of government by a general and free assembly of their representatives. Guarantees fundamental political liberties and is attached to the lands of East Hampton and Montauk.

Chapter 139 of the Laws of 1852 incorporates Montauk proprietors and conveys right to govern. This law was passed at Albany immediately after the Trustee government of the Town of East Hampton established by the Town Pattent of 1686 was ordered by the New York State Supreme Court to give up all claim to Montauk.

Certificate of Incorporation, Montauk Friends of Olmsted Parks, inc. 2/18/94

The Declaration of Rights and Trusteeship adopted May 11th, 1996 by a meeting of the membership of the MFOP claims the powers of Chapter 139 of the Laws of 1852 on behalf of the proprietors.

A letter to Alexander Tredwell, Secretary of State of the State of New York notifies him of Declaration of Rights and Trusteeship.

Overview of the Charter, Constitution and Bylaws which is being amended to conform to the Dongan Pattent and Chapter 139 of the Laws of 1852.

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