Pattents, Rulings and Incorporations

Colonial charters

East Hampton Pattent of 1666 (Governor Richard Niccols Pattent)

East Hampton Pattent of 1686 (Governor Thomas Dongan Pattent)

Constitution sections protecting the patent rights.

1851 Ruling of Hon. Nathan Morse, J.S.C. splitting pattent lands.

E.H. Trustee Records in re: Montauk 1851-1879. Includes excerpts from the 1879 Supreme Court decision in the matter of Grinnell et al. vs. Baker, et. al.

Montauk Incorporations

Chapter 139 of the Laws of 1852 incorporating Montauk proprietors and affirming right to govern.

The incorporation of the Montauk Friends of Olmsted Parks, April 1994

The Articulated Rights and Constitution of the Township of Montauk, December 2000